When we sing,
there is no room for fear


Saturday, June 22, 2024 at 7 pm

Heydenmühle, Otzberg

Chorkonzert die Singerklynger mit Mira Cohan & Christian Geißler (Gitarre)

Sunday, October 06 at 8 pm

Jazzlounge Rieselfeld, Freiburg

Brasilianisches Konzert mit der Band Beleza?!

About me

My life story is a rich one, story of a blending of cultures and of uncertain personal identity.
Perhaps that’s why it seems to me that life is one long search for one’s true self. So I feel blessed that, more than in any other way, I can come face to face with myself in my music.
The Mira I meet there speaks to me in different languages, as if each one shows a different facet of her personality. And so, I find a certain joy in presenting songs in different languages.

I love the fact that every song is an emotional story. My hope is that my telling, my singing of those stories, brings gratifying emotions forth in the people who hear them.

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I love making music with lots of different people.

If you are interested, please go ahead and contact me.